Your Guide to High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility safety gear

High-visibility safety gear is an integral part of many people’s workday. Whether they labor outdoors, at night, or in high-risk situations, making themselves easier to see can make all the difference in avoiding injury. In fact, high-vis gear is so important that federal laws requiring workers to don it now affect employees in a wide range of professions. Fortunately, the options for safety equipment are expanding as well. Here’s a look at some facets of selecting high-visibility clothes.

Who Needs It

In general, this type of clothing is worn by people who work near or in traffic, even on private roads. Here are some of the main professions for which bright clothes are part of the equipment.

  • Construction workers on roadways
  • School crossing guards
  • Accident site investigators
  • Parking lot attendants
  • Emergency response workers and law enforcement
  • Surveying crews and utility workers
  • Railway employees
  • Warehouse employees

Clothing Options 

For workers who need an entire garment made of bright materials or retroreflective fabric, there are many choices. It should be noted, however, that head-to-toe high-vis gear is not usually warranted. Some of the most common options among personal protective equipment are:

  • Vests: These are the go-to garment for safety. They are easy to slip on and off, they are lightweight, and they are an inexpensive solution. Vests come in many bright colors with different configurations for stripes and retroreflective accents. 
  • Pants: These may be made of a heavy water-resistant material as part of a set of high-vis rain gear, or they can be more lightweight for warm summer days. The retroreflective striping on the pants may be around the calf or down the sides, and there are a variety of different fits available.
  • Shirts: High-vis shirts may take the form of polos or T-shirts, depending on the usage. If the additional layer of a vest is too much weight, a light shirt might be a better option for safety gear.
  • Accessories: Everything from gloves to hats to helmets may be found in a range of high-visibility colors for workplace safety.
  • Cold weather gear: Many workers have to toil in inclement weather. Therefore, high-vis rain gear, parkas, fleece garments, and overalls are just a few of the options available for those situations. 

Choose Wisely

The balancing act between being safe and being comfortable can be a challenge for many workers who are required to wear high-visibility clothing. Especially in extreme hot or cold, it can be tough to find the sweet spot between following safety rules and hitting an ideal body temperature. Here are some of the advanced features workers can find in high-vis format:

  • Brightly colored, moisture-wicking shirts
  • Raincoats that have removable liners
  • Heat-transfer reflective material used in shirts
  • Hooded sweatshirts featuring color blocking

Employees who work in traffic need a higher level of personal protective equipment. Manufacturers offer plenty of options that allow workers to be compliant with safety rules but still comfortable. Employees can choose a simple vest or look beyond that to the more specialized garments. Either way, they can find personal safety gear that’s ideal for their worksites. For more info on high-vis clothing visit .

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