Why the Vauxhall Astra Should be your Next Car

If you’re looking to change your vehicle and are after something dependable, practical, economical and great to live with then you should make the Vauxhall Astra your next car choice. This particular model is one of Vauxhall’s best-sellers in the UK and given the number of positives owning one can bring, as well as the simple fact it is a fantastic car to own, this isn’t surprising.

Vauxhall Astra Mark 6

This sixth generation is the current model and since it was first introduced in 2009 it has proved to be very popular, even winning the in 2010. Better still, within this range you can find a wide choice in terms of engines, styles and conveniences, meaning there’s pretty much something for every need.

Vehicle Options

With their petrol engines you can choose from a 1.4up to a 2.0-litre Turbo, while with their diesels the economical ‘ecoFLEX’ models come in 1.3, 1.6 and 1.7 CDTI options, as well as the faster 2.0 BiTurbo.

For frugality, the smaller petrol engines are ideal offering up to 51.4 mpg while the eco-diesels go one better claiming to offer up to 68.9. However, if you are after something faster the turbocharged VXR and SRI models can certainly provide you with the power you need. So much so in fact, some UK police forces used Mark 5 models as their response vehicles.

The choices don’t stop at engine capacity though.  Typically found as a hatchback, there are also coupe and estate versions available should you be looking for something in a different size. That being said the hatchback still has a surprisingly spacious interior and you can comfortably seat a family of five.


Vauxhall has invested a lot of time in improving the driveability of the mark 6 and you can enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the excellent suspension and responsive steering. What’s more the comfortable seat upholstery combined with a quiet cabin make driving a pleasure.


The Mark 6 can boast a wealth of in-car gadgets ranging from air-con to DAB radios and in-built Satnavs. When looking for yours, be sure to check what is available or ask the dealership what you can have added in.

Finally, there’s the price. In the used markets if you look hard enough and thanks to its popularity you could find your Astra holding on to its value far better than other cars. So, don’t waste any more time looking for anything else, spend your money on a car to be proud of.

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