What Traits Do All Lincoln Drivers Share

No matter what brand or model of automobile it is, everyone’s car says something about who they are, what they value, and how they want others to see themselves. Lincoln, a classic luxury brand, is no different, and its drivers are a breed apart. These are the traits that Lincoln drivers all share, whether they know it or not.

#1 Tradition

Lincoln drivers are traditionalists – they expect the best but they’re not blinded by gadgets, and while they want modern technology in their pockets and in their vehicles, they aren’t convinced by Silicon Valley’s self-importance or buzzwords like “disruption.” Not only are they not convinced in the future of the , they would much rather get there themselves, as long as it is in luxury and style. Their feelings about tradition aren’t restricted to the road, either, and they will likely be keen to uphold family traditions around the holidays and pride themselves on their integrity and strong sense of values. A Lincoln driver knows right from wrong, as well as good taste from ostentation.

#2 Subtlety

The Lincoln MKZ has become the mid-sized luxury sedan of choice for those drivers who prefer subtlety and timelessness over the brazen aggression of its competitors. It’s the kind of sedan that’s meant to look good decades in the future, whether it’s in the garage or only preserved in old photos. There’s a reason Lincoln is known as a gentleman’s brand, and it’s because it’s long represented refined taste, classic sensibilities, and level-headedness.

#3 Success

Lincoln drivers have worked hard and achieved great things. They’ve built successful businesses, thriving careers, rock solid reputations, or leadership roles in their communities. They appreciate workmanship and reliable quality in their luxury brands because it reflects their own assiduous, persistent bent when it comes to work and careers. They appreciate details in the interior like superior grade leather and real wood trim. They don’t like to be flashy with their success, but they certainly take pride in the things they own and expect the best.

#4 Luxury

For those prefer a smooth, comfortable ride over flashy looks or performance-oriented vehicles, Lincoln is the vehicle for you, whether it’s the MKZ, the Continental, MKC, MKT, or Navigator. Driving is about the freedom to enjoy the ride. Anyone who has ever driven a luxury vehicle can tell you that there’s just something different about the cabin of a Lincoln, something calm and collected that can make any drive, from an ordinary commute to a trip up north, a pleasure.

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