What to Consider Before Driving Your Luxury Car Into Manhattan


Luxury vehicles and Manhattan go hand in hand. In many instances, there’s a paid, professional driver behind the wheel, but not always. For those driving their Audi, Lexus, or Volvo into the heart of the Big Apple for the first time, it’s certainly an unforgettable adventure in the making. Taking the time to plan and prepare for the journey can increase the chances of the memories being good rather than bad. Considering the following will help reduce the chances of your luxury vehicle getting scuffed along the way:

Local traffic rules

A dense urban core like Manhattan is inherently going to place many stipulations on operating a motor vehicle. For the most part, this boils down to road signs indicating which vehicles may or not be permitted where and at what times, especially in idling situations. Getting a general understanding of is key to preventing confusion while driving into Manhattan. This, in turn, reduces the chances of accidents and injuries.

Accident contingencies

Despite your best efforts to be a responsible driver, accidents can happen due to the recklessness of others. With hundreds of thousands of other drivers on the same island at the same time, the statistical chances of collisions are destined to increase. Folks planning on spending significant time driving their luxury car around Manhattan may consider preemptively finding a New York area should an incident occur. This is especially the case if the other vehicle is a cab, as cab companies are experienced in sweeping liability under the rug.

Tolls, tolls, and more tolls

Get ready to pay tolls. The amount depends on the number of axles – 6×6 drivers take note. There are tolls for bridges, tunnels, causeways, expressways; pretty much every road in and out of Manhattan has a fee. Do your homework on the especially. These fluctuate depending on the time of day/night you’re driving.

Where to park?

Perhaps the biggest thing weighing on the mind of a first time Manhattan-bound driver is where to park their car? Luxury car owners are particularly concerned, for obvious reasons. Fortunately, the web is awash with . With time to prepare, there’s no excuse to not configure a parking strategy prior to heading into the City.

Arriving on time? Fuhgetaboutit

The trick to surviving Manhattan traffic is never counting on showing up anywhere on time, unless you can stand to get somewhere really early. The overwhelming nature of the street map grid mixed with construction, traffic, and the extra safe driving needed to navigate the tight squeezes in a big luxury vehicle means a slow and steady trip. This can even be the case if the trip is only a few blocks. Other times, the journey is speedy. Again, the trick is to not count on things working out one way or the other. If you need to be somewhere and the luxury vehicle doesn’t, park it in a garage and ride the subway instead.

It’s safer than you think

There’s been a lot of talk of how prepared one must be to survive driving into Manhattan, but the key takeaway is that it’s not as dangerous as it seems. In fact, have been dropping for several years now. This appreciation for the relative safety of Manhattan motorists is important because it helps to reduce anxiety, which in turn reduces the chances of bad driving, which – you guessed it – leads to reduced likelihood of an accident.

Visit the Big Apple – Manhattan in particular – and it doesn’t take long to start spotting some of the finest automobiles on Earth. There’s a first time for everything and everyone: those nice cars managed to make it into the City with a scratch, so it’s possible for first timers too. Careful planning and preparation are essential, not to mention a little grit. It’s New York City, after all.

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