Volkswagen Jetta & Golf: 6 Performance Parts Modifications to Consider

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Performance enthusiasts are starting to take a liking to the Volkswagen Jetta and Golf. If you’ve taken a glimpse on the internet, you’ll find that the Jetta and Golf are the most popular Volkswagen models to tune-up and upgrade with aftermarket performance parts and systems. From pavement-shredding race cars with suspension, brakes and engine parts upgrades to what appears to be exotic mobile artwork with new lights and body kits upgrades, auto enthusiasts are getting creative in how they soup up their cars. If you’re thinking about ramping up your VW, whether for aesthetics, handling or top speed, we’ve outlined a list of beneficial upgrades and modifications that are worth every penny.


Purchase VW Parts from Reputable Vendors

Before getting into the list of cool mods for your VW, let’s talk about the importance of purchasing from reputable sources. If you want the most reliable, high-performance Volkswagen parts that fit your budget, be sure to do your due diligence in choosing where to buy from. For instance,  will usually have multiple options available of varying cost/performance tradeoffs. You want your VW to perform at its best, so it is important to invest in high-quality parts and accessories. Sometimes it’s necessary to use solid aftermarket options when the genuine versions aren’t in your budget. Whoever you buy from, double-check their info about warranties and authenticity before deciding to purchase and provide personal information.


Best Volkswagen Parts Modifications

  1.  New Front Sway Bar – If you’re going to improve a car’s performance, you’ll need to make sure it can handle properly. Installing upgraded sway bars for the Jetta or Golf that are stiffer than the stock suspension parts will help to improve any lateral roll that you might feel from your existing suspension system.
  2. Performance Control Arms – Again, to improve handling you might consider installing upgraded performance control arms. Very lightweight, these arms shed weight off your frontend, while also adjusting the car’s front caster angle, which helps further maximize the vehicle’s handling.
  3. Springs or Coilovers – To finish off performance upgrades to your suspension system, you’ll want to invest in lower springs or adjustable coilovers. These aftermarket parts allow you to lower your ride’s height for easier maneuverability.
  4. Performance mufflers  – While there are plenty of ways to upgrade your VW’s exhaust parts, new mufflers are by far one investment you don’t want to overlook. The right aftermarket muffler installation will keep noise to a minimum, while improving fuel-efficiency and even adding to the car’s aesthetic appeal.
  5. Intake Manifolds – One of the most common performance upgrades to any car is changing the intake manifold. Every car comes set to deliver a certain amount of fuel and air to your engine, and adding a performance intake will increase air and fuel flow thus delivering more power. Simply put, the engine will increase its output if you increase its intake. Not only will your VW gain acceleration with a new intake but you can also find noticeable weight savings with an aftermarket intake designed for lightweight performance.
  6. New Set of Brakes – If you are going to invest in making your VW Jetta go faster and corner quicker, then you better make sure it can stop at an equal pace. Adding performance brakes to any Volkswagen is crucial when attempting to improve the car’s performance on the road. Not only can you add stopping power to your more powerful car, but you should also increase your braking efficiency with quality premium aftermarket brakes. Using higher grade materials in your brake pads, rotors and fluids will allow the car to maintain safe control while also responding better when the vehicle is pushed to top-performance. Lastly, upgrading your brake parts before the rest of the car makes sense in lots of vehicles – it’s better to prepare in advance for harder braking rather than realizing it when you have trouble stopping in a close situation.

With a car like the or Golf, there are so many endless possibilities of what you can do. Whether you’re looking to hop on a race track, show off your car at the next car club event, or simply just improve its overall performance, these upgrades will certainly help you get started. In closing, it’s important to remember that when purchasing car parts online to also research the online store before making a purchase. You want to ensure that you’re purchasing legitimate, reliable parts that will not only look great, but perform for years to come.

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