Under the Bonnet of a BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series has earned an enviable reputation for reliability over the years, with not one single model letting the legacy of high quality engines and components down. Powerful, fast, yet as frugal as possible for a potentially very powerful car, at the heart of every BMW 5 Series is the latest in engine tech; be that petrol or diesel.

The 5 Series is one of BMW’s best-selling cars and scores especially well with fleet managers and fleet car drivers, thanks to its style, space and speed. But, in more recent years – as the taxation costs grow ever tighter around higher CO2 emitting cars – the BMW engineers have slashed 5 Series emissions while keeping it a potent motorway performer. 

At the very top of the BMW 5 Series eco-tree is the 520d EfficientDynamics model, a model that features a whole host of green-technology to help push down emissions, without have a hugely detrimental effect on the driving enjoyment of the car. Sure, it’s no snorting M5, but you’ll be surprised as to how much fun you can have in an economy-focused BMW 5 Series.

The impressive fuel savings to be found with the 520d EfficientDynamics begin with the specially tuned and continuously evolving 2-litre turbo-diesel motor under the bonnet.

For a start, the BMW engineers will always strive to make their EfficientDynamics engines as small and light as possible, with plenty of aluminium and a turbocharger to replace the torque and engine response given away by using a smaller engine capacity to make the power.

Also inside the modern 5 Series engine bay is the latest in high pressure common rail diesel injection, quick-moving turbochargers with variable geometry and twin-scroll intakes, and engine control software that’s always got an eye on the economy side of things. Also we see lightweight engine drive belts that are designed to last longer, and special new engine oil that is designed to warm up quickly to help reduce internal engine friction.

Now, there’s no point in having all of this fuel efficient technology inside your new 5 Series if you forget to use it. Well, the EfficientDynamics 5 Series models will remind to use the eco-tech with in-dash graphic displays to let you know when your driving style is suiting the green-needs of these much greener of 5 Series models.

Drivers of EfficientDynamics 5 Series models will be told when to shift up a gear for best economy, and with a stop and start system to cut the engine when the car is not moving, drivers should see the fuel savings start to add up rather nicely. All of this eco-tech also builds towards a CO2 output figure that needs to shrink with every new 5 Series model release. And shrink it does.

There was a time when a 2-litre diesel-powered engine was a sluggish and frustrating thing; good for towing trailers and ploughing fields, but just way too lethargic for munching the miles up and down the M6 motorway. Well now, thanks in a large part to research by BMW to constantly improve diesel engine performance, whilst still eking out every last mile from every last drop of fuel, the diesel engine under the hood of the latest 5 Series is both powerful and frugal. That’s a win, win situation.

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