Top Trends in Car Entertainment Systems

Car Entertainment

In-car entertainment systems have evolved extensively due the fast moving pace of mobile technology. Audio, navigation and video systems are now an integral feature of many of the latest automobiles and below are a list of top trends that are predicted for the year ahead.

Voice command audio systems

Ford is one of the many manufacturers that are working extensively on an in-car voice recognition system that integrates with a phone, music player and navigation system. This allows drivers to request directions, choose songs or switch to a phone call simply by issuing a voice command.  There’s a marked increase in car manufacturers adding voice command capable audio systems to their vehicles and the Kia Uvo also features Microsoft software that can accept and act on vocal commands.

Satellite and internet radio facilities

Internet radio services have become exceptionally popular and many automobile manufacturers are collaborating with stereo makers to create units that can facilitate this type of streaming. The demand for this type of connectivity is creating an interesting merge of industries in the auto market and cars may soon have apps for Pandora, Spotify, Grooveshark and other internet-based music and news services.

In-car entertainment systems

In-car entertainment systems that allow for gaming are going to be big in 2014 and docking stations for mobile devices will become a feature in many luxury sedans. Cars will be equipped with built-in video screens for passengers and other popular games for adults and children will be playable via the in-car entertainment system.

Built-in navigation systems

Several of the latest model cars feature a built-in navigation system. Tom Tom is a particularly popular choice and in 2014 there is expected to be an influx in cars that come standard with navigation systems, or have space that allows for an after-market model to be fitted.

Mobile Phone integration

In the interest of increased driver safety many car manufacturers are addressing the need for mobile phone features to be integrated with a cars sound system. This type of integration allows for text messages to be translated to speech and voice commands that trigger responses from a mobile to ensure a completely hands-free experience.

Car entertainment systems are moving towards a more dynamic and safer driving experience and the rapid advancement of tech trends is pushing manufacturers to deliver improved systems and in-car facilities.

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