Top tips for keeping your car safe in winter


As the warm weather begins to fade and the colder month’s creep in, you will need to make sure both you and your car are prepared for the change of seasons. We’ve got a short checklist for you to take a look at to ensure that you are ready to hit the road in any weather conditions.

Check the car’s condition

The cold weather can often flag up many issues which may have been overlooked in the summer months, which can be very dangerous. It is best practice to check over your car regularly to ensure that everything is safe and secure, particularly before long journeys. You will need to check the tire tread, tire pressure, windscreen wipers, and take a note of anything else you may notice that is unusual. Alternatively, you can take it to your local garage to have then take a look with an expert eye. You may decide that the repairs are not worth risking and decide to which may ultimately be a better option, where you can purchase something that will keep you safe all year round through a or dealership.

De-icing products

An absolute must have when the weather has a frosty feel, keep your favourite de-icing products in the boot early on so that you are not caught off guard and left with an icy windscreen. There are many products available such as de-icing sprays, liquids and scrapers, you just need to find out which product works best for you.


A very important feature of any car is the lights, and these become even more important as the hours of daylight begin to shorten. In misty or wet weather, it is vital that your lights are bright enough to let you be seen, as well as for you to see the road ahead. This is a very quick and easy thing to check and to fix, so by just taking a few minutes of your time, you will certainly make your night-time journeys safer for both you and the other drivers on the road.

Winter tires

If you drive regularly in dangerous winter weather, you may want to consider investing in some specific hard-wearing winter tires. They offer improved grip which is very useful in icy or snowy conditions, these tires are long lasting and will certainly be a worthwhile investment for the future.

Drive safely

You should try to drive as safely as possible all year around, however, take care to pay extra attention in the cold weather conditions. It is often difficult to gauge the conditions of the roads, especially with factors such as black ice, so keeping an eager eye out for any hazards is a must. If you take all the correct precautions and drive in a safe manner, hopefully you will manage to drive through the winter hassle free!

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