Top Motorsport Events in 2014


Automotive sporting events are some of the best on the planet. There are few other activities that are as enjoyable as the anticipation leading up to the start of a race, the excitement as the racers go around the course, or the tension leading up to the final checkered flag. Certain parts of the world enjoy racing more than others, making it a worldwide event for people to enjoy. Here are some of the top motorsport events to look forward to in 2014. 

Daytona 500

Every year, NASCAR fans flock to Daytona Beach, Florida to watch the Daytona 500. This race is one of the most well known races in the entire world, and will run for the 56th time in 2014. There is so much tradition that goes into the Daytona 500 that each year it has an electrifying feel to the entire event. If you are a race fan, the Daytona 500 is a must see.

Portuguese Grand Prix

Fans of Formula 1 racing know that there are few better events than the Portuguese Grand Prix. F1 races are known for extreme tracks that include multiple corner hairpin turns and straightaways that allow for serious speed. The Portuguese Grand Prix track is known for its changes in elevation throughout the course, making it an enjoyable even to watch throughout the entire race.

Belgian Grand Prix

Spa, Belgium is known for being one of the most historic racing courses in the entire world. The course is about 7 kilometers long and racers typically can drive a lap in under two minutes. Furthermore, it’s known as the greatest track to race on for cars that take flight while on the course. So as the drivers go throughout the course, you can expect a lot of fast speeds and aerial flights.

British Grand Prix

If four-wheeled vehicles aren’t your thing, then you’ll be sure to love the British Grand Prix motorcycle race. This course is ran at the Silverstone Circuit, which has been a mainstay for this race for nearly 50-years. In 2014, this race will be about the halfway mark of the motorcycle grand prix season, so it should be a great time where racers are right in the thick of competition.

NHRA Full Throttle Mopar Mile-High Nationals

And if you don’t enjoy watching vehicles racing around a track for hours on end, then drag car racing may be the perfect event for you. Bandimere Speedway in Colorado offers the NHRA Full Throttle Mopar Mile-High Nationals in 2014, which is annually a top race to see. These cars get up to insanely quick speeds, within just a few seconds as they race down a quarter-mile strip.

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