Tips for Fun Family Road Trips

Do you have a family trip on your travel bucket list? Whether you’re heading to visit family, tour our nation’s breathtaking national parks or return to your favorite beach, family vacations serve to strengthen bonds and create amazing memories that can last for decades. Follow these recommendations from the travel professionals to ensure your trip is a resounding success!

The first step is to set your dates, budget and destination. The earlier the planning begins, the greater the travel values can be. One of the most economical ways to travel is by car. If your budget is limited and your destination is can be reached within a day’s travel, by all means plan to drive. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by coupons and invest in a pair of super comfortable driving shoes from the huge selection available from . Comfort is king while driving.  Have your car services, tires checked and wiper fluids topped off. A first aid kit and extra blankets are a must should you have a break down or get into an unfortunate accident. Plan on packing your luggage and loading your vehicle the day before your journey. Healthy snacks and car games are a must for small children. Avoid copious amounts of sugar. Endless hours of videos and video games will only serve to have cranky children upon arrival. Enlist your children, where ae appropriate, to select car games prior to the trip.

One of the more popular alternatives to hotel rooms for family vacations is the rental of private homes and condominiums. There are several reputable websites that list vacation homes for rent in nearly every destination. Know your dates, budget and bedroom count before researching homes. Pay close attention to the reviews. Prior vacationers tend to be very honest and disclose many details about the property and rental experience. Never send funds or deposits until you’ve connected directly with the owner or rental agency via phone or email. Unfortunately every industry is susceptible to scammers, and this includes the online vacation rental market.

Best of luck to you on your family vacation as you build memories to last a lifetime!

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