The Drive of Your Life…

If there’s one thing that all us blokes love, it’s cars. Fast cars. Really fast cars. Grown men have been known to be rendered speechless when placed in front of a fine set of wheels…but what are some of the truly great cars of all time? Here are my top 5….

Aston Martin DB5

Okay, so this is an obvious one. But James Bond drove it. Several times. And is reputed to be driving it again for his latest outing, Skyfall. Quintessentially British, the Aston Martin is an all-time classic that is internationally recognized all across the world as something timeless, something beautiful. And, let’s be honest, the closest any of us are ever likely to get to it is in the movies. But hey, we can dream….

Ferrari 250 GT

Another car from the movies, who can forget Ferris Bueller and his infamous day off that saw him driving one of these as he absconded from school? Another timeless classic, this is the car many of us wept over in the ’80’s (remember the scene where Matthew Broderick helped accidentally trash it?)and the one car we all secretly wished our own dads owned!

DeLorean DMC-12

Yet another car made famous by the movies, the DeLorean DMC-12 became instantly iconic after it was featured in the Back To The Future films as Marty McFly’s glorious time machine. But the true story behind the DeLorean is slightly more sad. The DMC-12 was the only model ever produced by the company before it went bust and today, it is thought that only around 6,500 of the model DMC-12’s still exist.

1968 Ford Mustang GT

One of the first films I recall ever watching on my own as a child was Bullitt with Steve McQueen and, of course, one of the most iconic moments in the film is the famous car chase across San Francisco. This is the car that Steve McQueen drove and for me, that was enough. Steve McQueen was the actor I most wanted to be when I was growing up and, for me, this car obtained near-legendary status simply for being driven by my favourite actor of that time.

 1958 Plymouth Fury

Finally, sticking with a familiar theme, comes the last of my top 5. Made famous by Stephen King in his epic novel, Christine, which featured a haunted car, the demon roadstar was later brought to life on the Silver Screen by Director, John Carpenter. Though the film was merely okay, still this car obtained cult celebrity simply by being associated with King’s famous novel which remains one of his scariest to date!

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