The Costs Involved when Running a Car: What you Need to Know

running car

When you’ve finally secured yourself a vehicle the chances are you’ll probably already have paid out a significant amount of money as a down payment – particularly on new cars. What’s more if you have a payment or finance plan you’ll again have this to add into the mix.

Financially though the costs don’t just stop at ownership, there’s other running aspects to contend with that you need to be aware of before you start buying. To help point you in the right direction, in this post you’ll find out just what these costs are, as well as some useful advice for managing these.

The Obvious Expenses

To start with some basics, you’ll always have to pay for these when running a car:

  • Fuel (can vary in severity on fuel type, prices and )
  • Road tax (if you fall into a relevant tax band)
  • Insurance
  • An annual MOT (once the car is the relevant age)

The Ones which can Catch you Out

Along with these expenses, there are some others that can catch us out and which can start to add up over the years:

  • Having a service every so many miles or annually (to keep the car in a decent condition)
  • Repairs from unexpected circumstances or accidents (chipped windscreens, flat tyres, replacement bulbs etc.)
  • Cleaning the car so it’s safe for use on the roads
  • Buying fluids and parts if you’re going to replace them yourself

Useful Advice for Managing Costs

The smart move here is to just take all the above into account beforehand when you’re shopping around for your next vehicle and do some research into how reliable they are.

Other things you can do include leasing a car rather than buying one, there’s plenty of dealerships available such as who have a range of new cars you can lease. With this you pay a monthly fee to cover all aspects, rather than managing them yourself; all you need to essentially do is add fuel!

Depending on how confident you are, another piece of advice is to use your negation skills when buying from a garage to see what added extras you can get. Warranties, free MOTs and services and other protective forms of cover can be added into your purchase – however you do need to be confident in your bartering abilities here.

So, take this advice and don’t just jump straight into your next purchase. Consider the bigger picture and help yourself to save in the long run with your next vehicle.

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