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Passenger Cars

Upgrade Your Vehicle For Handicap-Accessible Driving

As handicapped individuals are over 11 percent of the US population, citizens are now called for handicap-accessible and private transportation. However, consumer motor vehicles aren’t designed for drivers with the slightest physical disabilities, even if they don’t impair the ability to drive. As a result, the consumer is responsible for retrofitting the car to make it convenient to drive.

To make your vehicle handicapped-accessible, you’ll have to plan carefully for your specific needs. Here are some ideas and tips on how to choose upgrades for your vehicle. read more »

Pickup Trucks

Leasing a Small Van

If you are interested in van leasing, then never before has there been such a huge number of vans and van styles to choose from, such as with the .

For drivers who wish to carry relatively small loads, then vans that are derived from cars could be considered. These have become very popular over recent times, one of the major reasons being that they are extremely easy to drive and their manoeuvrability is more or less equivalent to that of the car from which they were derived. They also offer substantially the same comfort levels and economy as the original car. The kinds of business that these vans appeal to are those that make small deliveries along with self-employed tradesmen. read more »

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