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New Car Or Used Car?

Brand new cars are great. They smell great, they run great, they feel great. But they cost money, and a heck of a lot of it. So why not opt for buying a used-car instead? It could just be the best decision you make this year! Firstly, you’ll save money, because not only will the motor be less expensive overall, the seller will be more inclined to negotiate a price – a new car salesman will be instructed not to drop below a certain price, a private seller can go to as little as he or she sees fit.

Maybe they’ll need cash in a hurry and want a quick sale. Buying from a regular car-owner rather than a showroom executive or salesman also means less pressure. The latter sellers work on a commission basis, when they see you driving into the car-lot, their intentions are to try their hardest to get you to buy a car – their monthly wage is affected by it, therefore their persuasive techniques can often be quite forceful and overt. However, when buying from a private seller, the atmosphere is far more relaxed. Sure, the seller wants a sale, they want money in their pocket, but if the asking price is decent, and the car is in good condition, they’re likely to sell it even if you don’t buy it. read more »



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