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2012 Hyundai i30 SX Review

The Hyundai i30 SX is the Korean manufacturer’s latest offering in what is gradually becoming a tougher and tougher small car market. The i30 SX aims to strike a chord among Australian buyers, trying to persuade them to turn away from bigger cars in favour of smaller, more efficient runners.

The SX is one of three i30s hatchbacks currently available, the other two being the SLX and range topping SR. Three i30 wagons are also available; the SX, SLX and Sportswagon.

All the models in the i30 range come with a choice of three 4-cylinder engines. The first is the 1.6 litre petrol engine, which gives 89kW of power and 153Nm of torque. The 2.0 litre gives 105kW of power and 185Nm of torque.  The 1.6 litre Common Direct Rail Injection (CDRI) gives 85kW of power and 235Nm of torque. read more »