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Fiat 500 Gucci Editions Back by Popular Demand

2013 Fiat 500 Gucci Edition

The Fiat 500 and 500c by Gucci Edition, the perfect combination of Italian craftsmanship and style in a small car, brings two ofItaly’s most respected brands together for an encore. The new limited-edition 2013 Fiat 500 and 500c Gucci Edition models will return to America with a new discrete appearance inside and out while continuing to meet the popularity and market demand of the previous edition. read more »

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More Than 150 Ways to Accessorize the FIAT 500

From the $21 locking gas cap to the $1,400 body kit, FIAT will offer you a lot more than 150 accessories through Mopar for the all-new 2012 Fiat 500.

“The FIAT 500 is among the most accessorized vehicles in Europe,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “We expect that trend to carry on within the Uunited States and will| offer about 150 accessories for all those seeking to personalize their ride. Our all-new FIAT 500 is the best canvas for customization.” read more »

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Five Top Economical Cars: Saving Money on the Daily Commute

As petrol costs soar, the scrappage scheme fades into a distant memory, and road taxes rocket for inefficient vehicles, it’s time to reassess our favourite mode of transport and find out how we can save money on our daily commute. Investing in an economical car doesn’t just mean  for us, but also the environment – here’s our guide to five top economical cars.

Mini Cooper D One

It’s super cute, has historical kudos and even Top Gear rate it – how much better could you get than that? The Mini D One incorporates a 1.6 litre engine that gallops 58 miles per gallon out of its 40 litre fuel tank, emitting just 112g/km CO2. Running on diesel also means bigger savings at the petrol pump, road tax is bracket C – costing just £35 p/a, and  costs are low. read more »


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