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Hyundai’s New Luxury Sedan – The EQUUS

After ten years in the marketplace, the Hyundai’s flagship sedan EQUUS would be retired and replaced by a new EQUUS, an import fighter that would need to compete on an equal footing with the most storied names in the luxury car business. Much had changed in the interim requiring a rethinking of the basic assumptions. It started with the adoption of a front engine, rear wheel drive architecture, the luxury segment’s de facto standard, to achieve the ideal 52:48 front-rear weight distribution needed to achieve optimal ride and handling characteristics.

From design to execution, absolute excellence would be required on all levels if the new EQUUS was to meet the needs and wants of the target customers, a highly demanding group of top income earners, male executives or entrepreneurs in their 40s and 50s for whom cars serve as an expression of status. A majority of Korean luxury car customers had defected to Japanese and German luxury marques over the years, and winning back their trust in Hyundai posed the ultimate test of the new EQUUS. An entirely new set of technologies would be needed to attain first-class performance, safety, comfort and convenience. read more »

Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3

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