Probably the Most Creative Formula 1 Concept Cars…Ever!

Just when you think Formula 1 cars cannot get any better; one comes along and smacks you in the mouth. Here is my guide to probably the most creative Formula 1 concept cars…ever!

Mclaren Mercedes F125

With the worries of global warming, the new McLaren Mercedes concept car is powered by electric. Designed to be used as efficiently as possible an electric hub motor, sail and solar skin produce the thrust. This car is so conceptual that the company believe that a new sport may have to be invented!

Cesar Augusto Ibrobo Giraldo F1 Concept Car

A very simplistic car has been designed by Cesar Augusto Ibrobo Giraldo and despite having far fewer parts, it will still function like a traditional Formula 1 car. The biggest difference is that the wheels do not have rims, which the designer says is to reduce weight, but will still produce the speed capable by current Formula 1 designs.

Lamborghini PML-F

Lamborghini have never been up there with Ferrari in racing, until now! The PML-F doesn’t look like a traditional F1 car, but with a 3 litre V12 engine that can produce 1,200 horsepower, I think it would give them a run for their money. Maybe this will mean Lamborghini’s will to join Formula 1, and maybe Batman will be their driver!

Ferrari X-Racer

Ferrari are at the top of their game with Formula 1 cars but they have taken it to the next level. Designer Vincent Montreuil has designed the X-Racer with visions of racetracks in the air. At 8 meters in length and only 1.56 meters high, it is capable of speeds up to 2056km/h! With its wings extended, it looks more like a bizarre fish from the darkest depths of the ocean.

BMW Formula Foil Concept

Keeping the agility, speed, stability and safety of a traditional F1 car, the BMW Formula-Foil concept car takes the race to the water. Unlike racing and speedboats, this “car” eliminates those bumps over waves instead giving the driver a gliding feeling across the top of the water. Just in case of accidents, the driver is encased in a safety bubble for protection.

Gran Turismo, Red Bull X2010 S

Originally designed for the computer game GranTurismo, the Red Bull X2010 S. Vettel rips up the rulebook and would result in an interesting race! It has 1,483 brake horsepower and can achieve speeds of up to 450km/h and would therefore be the fastest car in the world. It can do 0-120mph in 2.8 seconds and at a recent shakedown test on the Suzuka Track, it knocked 20 seconds off the F1 course record!

Mclaren M Eleven B

Designed by final year students of transport design at the Istituto Italiano de Design, the McLaren M Eleven B would give owners the Formula 1 feel on the road. Inspired by the animal world, aeroplanes and racing motorcycles, the bodywork is very similar to the racecars so maybe after the race has finished, they could just drive home in their race car.

Peugeot 908 Hybrid 4

The Peugeot 908 Hybrid4 racecar has a diesel V8 engine with 550 horsepower the added technology of kinetic energy stored from braking. The energy is stored in a lithium-ion battery and also has a sequential six-speed gearbox. Will the diesel-hybrid engine be good enough to revolutionise the 2012 season?

Lola and Drayson Electric F1 Car

Lola Cars International Ltd. and Drayson Racing Technologies LLP are designing a car that will meet formula 1 specifications but powered by electric. It is planned to be completed by 2013 in order to compete in the FIA electric car championships. Not only electric, composite parts will be made from sustainable sources.

F1 Concept Car…Made From Clothes

Our final concept car is from Ferrari and is made up of 1999 items of clothing and comes to a staggering $64,000. It includes, 1682 t-shirts, 88 pairs of jeans, 64 pairs of shoes and 31 belts. Although probably not up to FIA regulations, it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts!

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