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Concept Cars: Crazy Designs


Automobiles are among the human creations that have gone through a plethora of design changes over the decades. For example, solar-powered vehicles and hybrids sounded like science fiction when Model T was initially manufactured. Engineers have played a great role in turning such apparent fiction into reality. read more »


How to Find the Best Used Car at the Best Price


When most people buy a used car, they use a dealership or other professional seller. These sellers are in the business of providing good cars in the most convenient way possible for buyers. All a buyer has to do is show up at a lot or showroom and peruse what is available. Though there may be some negotiation, there is rarely a lot of wiggle room on the price, and deals are few and far between. As with all major purchases, buyers can prioritize

1) Affordability,

2) Time (until the right unit is found), and

3) Quality. read more »

Sports Cars

What to Consider Before Driving Your Luxury Car Into Manhattan


Luxury vehicles and Manhattan go hand in hand. In many instances, there’s a paid, professional driver behind the wheel, but not always. For those driving their Audi, Lexus, or Volvo into the heart of the Big Apple for the first time, it’s certainly an unforgettable adventure in the making. Taking the time to plan and prepare for the journey can increase the chances of the memories being good rather than bad. Considering the following will help reduce the chances of your luxury vehicle getting scuffed along the way: read more »

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