OLX – A Great Place to Buy and Sell Cars

Quickly becoming an internet sensation, online classified portals are becoming the choice around the world. No longer are they restricted to developed nations and forging a strong following amongst growing economies as well. The question is what makes online classified portals so special. The answer is that they allow even the most limited user to post ads for free on the internet. All the while, users can also grab great offers from others to find great deals and offers from all over.

Based in New York City, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina, OLX is a world renowned company. Spanning over six major continents and having a major presence in 40 countries the company caters to all in their various spoken languages. The website has recently offered services to India back in 2006 and is creating a strong platform for itself. Within the first five years of the company’s presence, OLX has aired its first set of commercials.

Being called one of “India’s largest marketplaces,” OLX is proving to be a fast platform that makes it easy for consumers to sell their goods online and purchase from other vendors as well. The site offers a vast range of products and services from high end watches to real estate. They also offer items that are classified into departments like . In providing a simple solution to the complicated process of selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing, and meeting people near year you, OLX.in makes this happen no matter where you live. What sets OLX apart from other competitive markets is that the company has recognized that television is an amazing medium to target a great deal of Indian customers.

The aggressive marketing campaign targets young, tech-minded Indian people from the urban middle class. These people portray the exact demographic in which the company is trying to attract. The company has created a complete series of videos that focus on their lifestyle and how the online classifieds website can benefit them. You can find at the OLX Youtube account.

The company achieves this without the use of celebrity endorsements or high end production credits. Rather, the commercials tell the stories of everyday people that benefit from the use of the site. The results have been phenomenal as the Indian audience has been responding quite positively to the online classified site and the video ads are increasing in popularity.

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