Five Top Economical Cars: Saving Money on the Daily Commute

As petrol costs soar, the scrappage scheme fades into a distant memory, and road taxes rocket for inefficient vehicles, it’s time to reassess our favourite mode of transport and find out how we can save money on our daily commute. Investing in an economical car doesn’t just mean  for us, but also the environment – here’s our guide to five top economical cars.

Mini Cooper D One

It’s super cute, has historical kudos and even Top Gear rate it – how much better could you get than that? The Mini D One incorporates a 1.6 litre engine that gallops 58 miles per gallon out of its 40 litre fuel tank, emitting just 112g/km CO2. Running on diesel also means bigger savings at the petrol pump, road tax is bracket C – costing just £35 p/a, and  costs are low.

Fiat 500

How much better could you get than the Mini Cooper D One? How about the Fiat 500? Its super cute, has historical kudos and even Top Gear rate it, the new Fiat 500 has been fitted with TwinAir – a two cylinder turbocharged engine, which means greater efficiency and lower CO2 without loss of power. The Fiat 500 racks up an impressive 67 miles per gallon with just 95g/km CO2 emissions, falls into the third lowest road tax bracket and is cheap to insure.

Smart Fortwo cdi

What the Smart Fortwo cdi lacks on space it makes up for on economy, it produces the lowest rates of emissions for any non-electric car. Racking up an incredible 85.6 miles per gallon with just 88g/km of CO2 emissions translates to big savings on petrol costs and road tax – which comes in at a very welcome zero pounds per annum. The Smart badge has earnt itself a surprising amount of respect in the short few years it’s been on the market – proving that good things can come in small packages.

Toyota Prius T3

Some petrol heads might throw rocks at the Prius, but the T3 attempts to change its ‘horse hair’ image with a 1.8 petrol engine, which in normal driving mode is assisted by the electric motor. The electric motor and CVT gearbox combine to offer 48.7 miles per gallon, with just 89g/km of C02 emissions.

Audi A3 1.6 TDI

Economical cars don’t have to be small or worthy – the Audi A3 combines both environmental and economic savings with style, proving that savings can be sexy. The 1.6 litre, turbo diesel engine delivers incredible efficiency, whilst also maximising savings on braking with a stop-start feature, which means emissions of just 109g/km of CO2. The super efficiency also means that it falls into bracket C for road tax, and can squeeze an impressive 68.9 miles per gallon. But performance has not been sacrificed – with the car outperforming any expectations that its 0-62mph trials might suggest.

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