Cool Specialty Trucks for Different Purposes

Let’s take a break from discussing the latest makes and models from the consumer range of cars and take a closer look at trucks; big trucks. Trucks are among the most popular vehicles in certain parts of the world. Pickup trucks, in particular, are popular in the United States, which is why the Ford F-150 is still the highest selling vehicle to date.


There are also bigger trucks designed for special, heavy-duty purposes. These trucks are now using the same advanced technologies as consumer cars and the range is more interesting than ever. We are going to take a closer look at some cool examples of specialty trucks for different purposes in this article.

Mobile Command Center

Due to the challenges faced in different industries, a mobile command center is becoming increasingly popular. What it does is make a comprehensive command center – for handling tasks such as organizing aids or dealing with emergencies – portable and mobile, using a truck as the vehicle of choice.

The most interesting example is . It is built for handling emergencies such as the recent hurricane attack. It was also unveiled just in time for the recent disaster.

FPL’s mobile command center has everything you need. It has a drone, enough room for supplies, and an advanced communications system as well as satellite tracking. It can be deployed to any part of Florida without hassle too, thanks to the capable engine and the long wheelbase.

Representatives of FPL said that the mobile command center can be used for an extended period of time if needed. The command center may not be able to prevent hurricanes, but it can be on the scene to provide assistance within hours.

Vacuum Trucks

Another interesting type of specialty trucks is the vacuum truck. It is a truck used by the sanitary industry for cleaning toilets and vacuuming septic tanks. We really can’t talk about vacuum trucks without talking about , the leader in the industry.

VacuumXpress makes some of the most remarkable vacuum trucks on the market. The company’s most popular model, the MAL Freightliner, has a 550-gallon front fresh tank and a 6.7-liter Cummins 250hp engine. The combination makes this truck one of the most versatile, which is why it is very popular.

Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks

There are a lot of pickup trucks you can choose from today, but most customers don’t really go for a heavy-duty pickup unless they need the extra power. is a pickup truck built specifically for towing trailers. It is capable of trailering and hauling large items now that it uses a 6.6-liter Duramax Diesel engine capable of producing 445hp.

What’s interesting about the Sierra 3500 is how luxurious the interior feels. It may be a heavy-duty pickup truck, but it is one that you can drive in utter comfort. A lot of consumers are planning to use the Sierra 3500 as a base for more specialty trucks. It will be interesting to see how this beast is used in the field for emergencies, as a tactical vehicle, and for other purposes.

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