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Peugeot 308 Named European Car of the Year 2014

2014 Peugeot 308

The French car company PSA Peugeot Citroen got some good news recently when the Peugeot 308 model received the car of the year honour for 2014. This decision was made in advance of the Geneva International Motor Show and represents votes from judges in 22 different countries. Aside from confirmation for owners that their Peugeot car parts are indeed the very best, the news spells good things for the future of the French auto manufacturer. read more »

Passenger Cars

The New 2014 Vauxhall Corsa Reviewed

2014 Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall Corsas have long been one of the most sought after cars for young drivers. This is due to a combination of a decent driving feel, fashionable looks and the finance packages which Vauxhall offer to encourage young people strapped for cash to buy one. While no one could call it sophisticated, the Corsa remains popular amongst the lowest driving age demographic.

This year, Vauxhall look set to release a partially updated Corsa, in a bid to keep up consumer interest while they continue to design a completely new car. read more »

Passenger Cars

2014 Lexus GS-350 F-Sport

2014 Lexus GS-350 F-SPORT read more »

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