Buying your first Second Hand Car

Road tax, insurance, MOT and servicing are just a few of the costs associated with owning and running a car. Putting a car on the road is arguably one of the biggest expenditures after taking out a mortgage. And that’s before mentioning petrol prices continuing to soar at alarming rates. Public transport isn’t a particularly preferable alternative with train fares also being sky high and overcrowded.

In order to reduce your initial outlay when purchasing a vehicle, it’s worth considering a second hand car. If you carry out a little research and choose wisely, you could considerably lower your expenditure. is a great resource for unbiased, useful information and gives detailed reviews of individual makes and models. Here are a few points when sourcing a used car to help you make the best decisions and get the best value for money.

The average number of miles you travel per year should be taken into account. If you’re going to be using your car for daily commuting, a diesel engine is worth considering. Typically, diesel vehicles have more durable engines and tend to be easier to sell with high mileage than petrol engine cars. Investopedia has a good outlining which cars may hold their value the best.

Keeping on top of your maintenance can also help your car to hold its value better. While it’s best to have major services carried out by approved garages, smaller tasks that can be done at home can help to keep your costs down. A common occurrence in cars around winter time is the loss of gas in the tailgate hinges. This is easily fixable and many online shops supply new parts. For example, . Regular tyre pressure, coolant, and oil checks all aid the reduction of wear and tear on your car too.

Shop around. Once you’ve decided on the make and model that’s right for you, compare prices with different dealers and see what they’re offering in addition to the price. Try and purchase with a dealer who is offering a reasonable warranty. Ideally you want at least a 12 month deal. Some dealers may even provide a complimentary service when due. While these extras aren’t to be expected as standard, they may help you to choose between two very similar deals as well as saving you money.

Sites like have a great selection of used cars for sale along with helpful advice to assist you in finding your ideal motor.

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