A Review of the 2017 Suzuki Swift

The new 2017 Suzuki Swift, in a nutshell, is lower, shorter, and wider than any previous model. But there is far more to this vehicle than that. There is far more to it, as well, than the fact that some 127,000 Suzuki’s Swifts are on the UK roads nowadays. The key thing to know about the Swift is that it has the highest conversion rates of all vehicles in the country, and that truly is something to boast about.

The fact that the is popular in the UK and beyond is no secret. In fact, since the first Swift was made available in 2005, some 127,000 have been purchased in the UK alone. This figure climbs to 1.1 million in Europe, and 5.4 million the world over. 2017 sees the arrival of the new Suzuki Swift, which is lower, shorter, and wider than all its predecessors. But will it be equally popular? One of the most amazing statistics about the Suzuki Swift is that 78% of those who test drive it actually purchase it. No other vehicle boasts those types of statistics.

Interestingly, it is believed that the 1.0L engine-model will be the most popular this year. This is because the Swift is classed as a “supermini”, which is the most competitive class of vehicles. The new Swift will look quite similar to the older versions with its wrap-around look and vertical headlights, but it has some new surprises up its sleeve as well. Specs include:

  • A choice of a 1.2L, 90bhp petrol engine, or a three cylinder 111bhp 1.0L engine.
  • A choice of six speed automatic or five speed manual transmission on the 1.0L engine.
  • Four-wheel drive available in the six speed automatic.
  • SHVS mild hybrid system available.
  • A 19st drop in weight.
  • A top speed of 121mph, going 0 to 60mph in 10.6 seconds, raising to 12.6 seconds in the 1.2L 4×4 engine.
  • 61.4mpg and 104g/km emissions, or 65.7mpg and 97g/km emissions on the SHVS mild hybrid system.

People don’t yet know what to think of the new Swift. This is because the Ignis has just arrived as well. However, there is just something about how the Swift feels once it is one the road that seems to convince people. The new Swift has focused more on comfort than ever before, which will certainly go in its favor. In fact, the interior feels wide and sporty, with circular controls and dials.

Suzuki has also worked very hard at identifying the best parts of the previous models, making sure they were present in the new one, but even better than before. The steering and braking is better than in any other model, increasing feelings of safety and security. It doesn’t roll at all, and the engine feels incredibly flexible. In a nutshell, the new Swift is a whole lot of fun. There simply isn’t a supermini on the market today that offers as much fun as this one.

The interior is simple, but clearly laid out, and all the materials are of high quality. It comes with an easy to use touchscreen in the center, and the steering wheel can be adjusted for both height and reach. The driver’s seat can also be height adjusted, and the leg and headroom is really surprising on this vehicle. Plus, the rear seats have more leg space than before, and the boot can ow hold 265L. In other words, the car is not just fun, it is really practical as well.

A Suzuki representative says: “We just know the UK market is going to love the new Swift. It has some interesting optional extras such as the space saver spare tire, and it comes with rear privacy glass, Bluetooth, front electric windows, air conditioning, and digital radio as standard. The Swift, as always, is a sporty car, but a safe car.”

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