A Look At Cabs From Around The World

Although the aim of the taxi/cab, regardless of the city or country, is the same, the taxi/cab can often take a very different form depending on where in the world you are taking one from. So, here at  we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some taxis/cabs from around the world and discuss how they differ. So check out the list below. Note: we use the terms “cab” and “taxi” interchangeably in this article.

The Yellow Cab & New York

Taxis have been running in New York in some form or other for a very long time. The first taxicab firm in NY was properly established in 1897, and called the “Electric Carriage & Wagon Company”. However, the yellow cabs that New York is famous for today, came a little later, and were thanks to Harry N. Allen, who in 1907 started a taxicab company that charged by the mile. He imported 65 gasoline powered cars from France and thus started the New York Taxicab Company. Interestingly, the cabs were initially red and green, but Allen repainted them all yellow so that they’d be more visible from a distance. By 1908 there were around 700 such taxicabs on the road, and the number today stands at around 13,000.


Hackney Carriages & London

The first cab that was petrol powered appeared in London in 1903, and was the French-built Prunel. However it was the advent of the FX3 in 1947 that introduced a motorised cab that resembles the Hackney carriages we see on our London streets today. And our modern day Hackney carriages most commonly come in the form of black four door saloon cars which although have gone through a number of iterations have generally looked very similar for the last few decades.

Fun fact: Azerbaijan’s taxis also adopt the Hackney carriage style, but they are a slightly different colour.


The Auto Rickshaw & The Developing World

Although the auto rickshaw is arguably most associated with Asia, it is actually widely found all over the developing world and occasionally even in Europe. For those who don’t know, an auto rickshaw is basically cabin cycle with three wheels. The reason why it’s called an “auto” rickshaw is because it’s a motorised modern version of the older more traditional pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw. Auto rickshaws are an essential form of urban transportation across many developing countries. In addition to Asia, the rickshaws can be found in Africa, some parts of the Middle East and even in parts of Europe such as Italy. The quality and style of the rickshaw often varies depending on the country, and sometimes even varies depending on the area of a country you’re in.

The rickshaw also goes by different names depending on which country you’re in. For example in many Kenyan towns they are referred to as “Tuk-Tuks”, they’re referred to as “Raksha” in many parts of Sudan and as “Baby Taxi” in many parts of Bangladesh.


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