5 Quick Tips That Can Help You Improve Your Motorcycle Riding Skills

Honestly you’d be surprised how much of a difference improving your motorcycle riding skills can make. Not only can it help you in a pinch when fast reactions and good control could very well end up saving your life, but it could also help you to ride more safely when you’re on the road.

If you’re interested in quickly improving your riding skills, here are 5 tips that will be a huge help:

  • Always ‘arm’ your brakes when you’re driving fast or on crowded roads

Every millisecond counts when you need to brake quickly, and keeping your brakes ‘armed’ with one finger constantly on the lever will let you brake just a little bit faster. Having one finger on the brake lever isn’t going to affect your ability to steer or use your throttle, so it is a good habit to get into.

  • Accelerate into gaps when joining a lane

When you’re joining a lane whether it is as you enter a motorway or simply switching from one lane to another, be sure to accelerate into the gap that you want to be in and then slow down to match the speed of the vehicle that is ahead of you. It is the safest way to enter into a lane.

  • Keep an eye on cars beside and ahead of your when filtering

Filtering is always the subject of quite a bit of debate, and it can be risky if cars don’t see you as you move between them. With that in mind it is important that you watch the cars that are right beside you as well as the ones ahead of you so that you can spot any car that may be moving into your path and could possibly side-swipe you.

  • Figure out how much your bike can lean

Most beginners tend to take some time before they adjust to the idea of leaning into a turn – but it is an important riding skill to have up your sleeve. In particular you will want to figure out how much your bike can lean, as each bike is different in that regard and the last thing you want to do is lean too much and lose control.

  • Watch the wheels of cars that are at or approaching a junction

One of the hardest things to cope with is when cars pull out of a junction right as you approach it. As with most things, preparation is key – and the best way to anticipate if a car may be making a turn is by watching its wheels as it may give you a fraction more time to react.

Although your will cover most of your basic riding skills, it is important to remember that there’s always ways that you can improve. If you ever feel like you need a bit of practice, just find an empty parking lot or some other open space and take your bike through the paces.

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