2014 Ford Transit Connect Gets Focus Styling

2014 Ford Transit Connect XLT

The Ford Motor Company’s focus has switched from the traditional mini-van to a European inspired, multi-function compact vehicle that is sure to take the world by storm. The Ford Transit Connect is the new wave of the future and offers advantages for both families and businesses. The Transit Connect is flexible enough to be a mini-RV, family car, panel van, or taxi cab.

Ford may have lost the bid for New York City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow”, but it is possible that decision was made in error considering the consistently rising gas prices. The design of the Transit Connect once seemed a bit foreign to Americans and was once thought a product that would not bode well in the sales market. The Ford Connect may be poised to take over as the biggest thing since the creation of the mini-van.

A complete overhaul in the Transit Connect will mean moving the manufacture of the product from Turkey to Spain. This versatile vehicle will be assembled in the heart of Spain and then transported to the United States for sale. Ford works to accommodate every consumer by offering a custom interior to suit every need. Americans have cried out to automobile manufacturers for more economical methods to fuel the vehicles they build. Ford is answering that cry and offering spacious interiors, turbo engines and a money-savings power source.

The exterior design of the Ford Transit Connect is getting a completely new look. The body will resemble vehicles, such as Ford Focus, that attract a higher number of executive clientele. The interior will offer two seating options. The first will offer seating for up to seven people. The second will seat up to five people and will resemble the interior of mini-vans. Although the Transit Connect was originally tagged as a wagon, Ford will turn attention in a different direction by classifying it as a mini-van. That is a more accurate description than a wagon given the sliding door on the side of the vehicle. Once you chose a Ford Transit to be your new family car, the only thing left to do is to think about proper insurance for a carefree driving enjoyment. A good starting point is to search for a . The World Wide Web helps to weigh your options and offers detailed information such as .

Ford is willing to take the risk involved with marketing what they once called a wagon. The risk is high and Ford has not had great success in competing in the minivan market. Chrysler had much greater success with their line of mini-vans and Ford was not up for the challenge. Ford may have lost that battle, but the war is still on as the company brings the Transit Connect from wagon to mini-van.

Ford is already working on manufacturing a vehicle design which could mean the release of a prototype for the 2014 Transit Connect. Ford was once a corporate partner with Mazda, which set the stage for the upcoming new Ford Transit Connect. The Mazda 5 may be the key that opens the door to Ford’s future in mini-van sales.

The Mazda 5 plays a very limited role in the mini-van market. The design makes it perfect for heavy traffic areas and crowded parking lots. Its slight build does not attract a vast majority of Americans who tend to prefer roomier vehicles both inside and out. It was lucrative enough to remain on the market for over a decade, but, it never made the huge splash that other manufacturers were able to in the mini-van arena.

Ford hopes that it is able to finally bust through the barriers that have stopped the company from becoming a viable contestant in the game of mini-vans, a label the company dodged for many years. Will the Ford Transit Connect be able to connect to the American public the way other mini-van makers have over the years? There is no sure answer for that, but, Ford is going to give it a go anyway.

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